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  1. I just lost The Game.

  2. That's just what I'd expect of him. Trust me, he does stuff like it all the time.
  3. Love it. 8/10. catchy, upbeat. Good.
  4. I still don't know where you're going with that, so it's not an inside joke yet. soz
  5. The Game. That is what's happening. And you just lost it.
  6. Since when have we been polite, and more importantly, efficient?
  7. pop How on Earth is the iPad better? Family Guy or the Simpsons?
  8. Or hot-chocolate... Great idea for a new product! Hot Chocolate... with caffeine!.
  9. colour. Mountnman, I did it because I was trying to help and persuade people to use their brains and the internet to find answers for themselves, instead of saying "what's that. oh, what's that?" Anywho... iPad or Samsung Galaxy tab?
  10. Didn't not know you disliked not liking having no coffee.
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