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  1. I think you're actually thinking of event-handling scripts. that wouldn't have anything to do with creating PNGs, and I doubt that support is extended in this plugin unless it has some part of it functioning as a feature. basically, if you're using multiple frames (not 2, as the image you used already naturally satisfies the purpose), like a full-length movie, and a browser can't support it, you use scripts to use a backup method as an alternative. that's not actually part of creating a png, or the use of this plugin. this is a general method of making things like web-based programs working a
  2. somewhere along the way, you appear to have converted from .agif to .gif with an error in the intended background. for some reason, when I downloaded the .agif, the background was there in PDN. but when it was just run from Firefox, it was transparent as it intended to be. so, what I did was use the original .agif, then manually deleted the black parts (to make it transparent), save it, then made a copy as backup, so I could convert it to .gif. it appeared to be gone, but it was more of a white background, instead of black. so, it wasn't fully transparent compared to the original. I'm not sur
  3. first, did you save this as a filetype plugin? next, you should be saving it only as "urbz", then click the filetype dropdown (as if you were to save it as a .pdn, .jpg, .gif, .png, etc.) the items that should be on this list should have a .agif and a .ajpg. then after you save them, exit PDN, then go to the folder you saved the file and manually rename it.
  4. you don't save the .agif (or .apng) as a .gif (or .png). you simply save the .agif first, THEN exit PDN, and manually rename the file. you can't save a .gif/.png from opening a .agif/.apng file and expect it to work this way, because it doesn't do that. the reason for this is that you ended up flattening the image, my friend. the prompt you get should warn: "Saving in this file format requires that the image is first "flattened", which reduces it to a single layer." (underlined is my emphasis). this means your top layer would be superimposed over all the lower layers, so you would only get
  5. I saved as PNG, viewed in Firefox again. confirmed the "border" is still there. saved as .apng, opened in PDN. the border is there. it could be from the source, or it could be this image itself. on the other hand, just a couple pages earlier in this thread, and this is a similar issue, with a much simpler example: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/13454-animated-image-24-agif-apng/page-19#entry362495 could this somehow be related? I'm not sure what the exact solution is.
  6. not just this. Photobucket, like other upload sites, may have limitations on file type, file size, and bandwidth usage. in this case: I don't recall if you can upload an .agif, but you could upload a .gif. I doubt your .gif is that large, but if it is smaller than these requirements, then check for the file type and contact their support.
  7. my memory is murky at best, since I haven't been making gifs/pngs in a while, but if I had to guess, I'd say the file could be too large. I think that's what happened to me last time that happened. the config screen only gives out an estimated file size (I think that's native to PDN), and there could already be an error in the image internally. I know I can't really trust the file size results, because I've had to do some trial and error editing when using images for a certain forum that has stringent file size and image dimension criteria. it could still work (I think I've made some successfu
  8. In PDN's case, the save configuration window states that a value of 0 = loop. try changing that value to 1? maybe browsers reinterpret that data, but should that override the hard-coded data embedded in the image itself? I don't recall such a thing as an apdn. there's either an apng, or a pdn, which are 2 different things here. I can't recall what triggers the file size error, but ya might wanna check for an update or reinstall.
  9. ah, now I see it's happening too. I don't exactly remember now how I did it before (I haven't been using the feature in a while). one method that worked for me so far, is using the sample gif (or alternatively PNG if it's a problem) from the OP in this thread to test it. Just right click to open the menu and click "Save Image as" (or "Save as" whichever you want - Firefox only says "Save Image as"). When the save window dialog opens, make sure the image name is changed from "pluginfade" to "pluginfade.agif" (or "pluginfade.apng if you chose the PNG). make sure the file type is "All files", not
  10. that's how you do it. it might say it's a .gif type file, but the file name should be what's more important (in most cases, just ignore what your computer is whining about). the only thing you need to do to be able to manipulate it, is open it in PDN (which should be the only thing you shouldn't have a problem with once you have the add-on), and it should automatically split frames into layers. after that, saving it to a .gif (not.agif) extension, should produce a normal animated gif you just made.
  11. You should make sure you renamed the .gif to .agif, then open the .agif. otherwise you will only get 1 picture out of it, and no layers.
  12. .agif (or at least .gif), I believe has a much limited color palette than .png, but I could be wrong. I know the .png format tends to preserve the color and quality of the image better than gif. That's pretty much why most .gifs (or the older ones maybe) that are converted from a film clip tend to be slightly pixely. But that does make for a cool effect there. Reminds me of the spray paint feature in paint.exe, which is strangely not included in Paint.NET, but you could probably find the proper plugins for it.
  13. Huh! My AnimGIF version I was using was, and it still had APNG support (sort of). At the moment, I'm seeing about the update if there's any changes. If not, I'm stuck using the FF plugin. EDIT: apparently, it seems the success rate has gone up Here's a treat Fix up some of the minor tweaks, and it should be fully functional. Right now, it's good for basic PNG animating.
  14. The first frame shows up for me in the picture viewer (or at least a frame). The fact that I know it is animated, and that it an image appears in picture viewer means it works. Firefox is one of the few browsers that actually play APNGs. The first and third posted image work. Again, the second one (claimed to be made by the PDN plugin), does not work. This was also tested by using the plugin that takes apart the animation frame by frame. Also, as I mentioned before, I'm wondering why taking an original aGIF (what or where it comes from is not a concern), redone with the PDN plugin reduces the
  15. The first frame of the picture is supposed to show up, is what I was saying.
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