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  1. I don't think mine seems to work can you explain to me the steps on how to use it. A thousand thank yous
  2. What I love about this page is that every section of it is an eye catcher. Excellent
  3. Thank you for responding So what about the plugins on the index? Are the guaranteed safe
  4. Hi! I'm TxTarunTxT (You can just call me Arun) I'm a beginner animator on youtube and i've been using your program for quite awhile, pretty great if you ask me, and i've been browsing through your Plugin Index for awhile and some of them caught my eye which may be very useful to my animating. Well i'll just cut to the chase Do the plugins, FROM the plugin index have viruses, at all? Are they considered they safe to download? Just from the plugin index, not anything that was posted below it. I'm looking forward to your responses, thank you for reading it. ~Arun