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  1. Sorry for not posting sooner, things have been hectic. In playing with my scan settings a little more, I figured out how to sharpen the lines additionaly..... they still need corrections in Paint but not as much.... lot of eraser and brush tools on a new layer thanks everyone
  2. I don't have my flash with me so this it the best example I can manage right now. See how the bottom lines under the "flowers" are going in and out? True, this is a reduced image but the original has the same effect. I will post a black and white example tonight Thanks
  3. Hi, I work a lot with free hand drawings. They are drawn in black and white, basically black lines on white paper. I scan them with 300 dpi and then work on them in Paint.net. The one thing I cannot figure out is how to make the outlines a full line. A lot of times, the line will be patchy despite the 300 dpi. Am I missing something obvious or is the only way to do it to try and "redraw" it using paintbrsuh tool? Thanks, Ivona
  4. Your pack was suggested whan I was asking how to make a dotted cricle. I love all the possibilities of your pack but have another question- it doesn't seem to use all the fonts I have in Paint.net The best I can figure is that the pack only uses the TTF fonts I have, but not the OTF. Is there a fix for this? Thanks, Ivona
  5. I tried changing the style on the line tool, and then dragging out the line to try and form a circle, but I cannot get a perfect circle that way. thanks
  6. Please help, I cannot seem to find anything on how to make a dotted circle in Paint.net. The closest I got was finding about a custom brush in photoshop to create these? Can it be done in Paint.net? thanks
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