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  1. I'm looking for a plugn that would make my image seem like it was carved out of stone. Does something like that exist?
  2. I can't. My web filter blocks .dll's being downloaded on their own.
  3. Not like that exactly, I mean, is there a place online for us to download them?
  4. Could someone uplaod Evan's effects in a zip/rar please?
  5. Hi. I'm trying to make a Fez resembling this one: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_SxHRFN5zD8c/R9PYPMiGOOI/AAAAAAAAAFI/ZJF4LmBHW24/s400/thumbsup.php.jpg On PDN. Can you guys offer me some tips to get me started please?
  6. I only really play Robot Arena 2. Call me a loser, but it is very fun, has a nice community and makes me use Paint.NET on a regular basis.
  7. Hello, I am GKofGTM, new here. I registered to ask a question, but I'd like to say, as I use Paint.NET on a regular basis for the forum I frequent, thank you all who worked on this excellent piece of software and the plugins too. It has been extremely helpful.
  8. Is this installed differently to any of the other plugins? I don't know what this 'BlendModeOrganiser' is for.
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