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    I enjoy concision and precision (the most meaning communicated the fastest using minimal content! Usability FTW!) and, moreso, things said with BOTH concision and precision, something this list of interests fails in both ways. That said: computers, technology, art, learning, video games, cosmology/astronomy, physics, chemistry, programming languages, compression, encryption, giving others the benefit of the doubt, spoken languages, etymology (especially for languages which originated in Proto Indo-European), pronunciation of various regional dialects of languages and word meanings/usage in communities and among subgroups, et al.

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  1. Thank you! Yes; it's likely that I was unable to remember or find my original username/password or the recovery data was borked in some manner, perhaps using an email address to which I no longer had access. ...or my data was backed up on a floppy disk or other medium I was no longer able to read. OR I had no posts with my old account (unlikely but possible), which would have caused it to be purged it as part of the migration from phpBB to IPB, forcing me to create a new account along with the other members who wanted to be part of the community and had accounts but no posts prior
  2. (Any archive extractor worth its salt will allow you to open or extract an archive with or without an extension, regardless of the extension's contents or lack thereof!) Happy to hear that reuploading fixed the problem with the name; thanks for your hard work! So many people who never say anything appreciate what you do more than you know! Thanks from all of us! Hurm. Looking at both my post count and date of joining causes me to ponder. OT: When did the paint.net forum's format and/or hosting provider change, requiring users to sign up for new accounts? I s
  3. No comments? Here's one: Hello!

    1. danlock


      btw, "danlock" is a nonsense word I hurriedly typed when I needed to identify myself with a "handle" in the process of creating an account for myself for a BBS in probably 1987. I think I had to respond before the board disconnected, and, depending on the number of people trying to connect at that time I might not have been able to reestablish a connection. (IIRC, I was at a friend's house and the BBS was a local call for him but long-distance from my house.)

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