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  1. This is by far the best text tutorial I've seen. The effects so nice. I was very happy with my result.
  2. When I open the pluginfade thingy it is seperated in in frames. But that doesn't happen when I rename a normal gif to .agif format.. Maybe I used the wrong image? I don't know.. EDIT: Ah, I was right.. I DID use the wrong picture. I tried another .gif and renamed it and it worked. So I guess my problem is solved.
  3. I did that, but it's still just in one layer and it doesn't move. I really have no idea what I'm doing wrong.
  4. That is what I did, but PDN couldn't open the .agif and it was not in my folder when I tried to open it. Example: You can open a gif, jpg, tiff, tga etc. But is there supposed to be "open as .agif" too? Like this: If it is, there is no ".agif" that I can select.. And I'm absolutely sure that I placed this plug-in in the FileType folder. EDIT: Ok, I can open an .agif file now (The problem was there was a FileType folder IN a FileType folder which messed it up) but it's still just one layer that doesn't move..
  5. I'm confused now.. I opened the gif in PDN and saved it as a .agif, when I tried to re-open that .agif it couldn't even open it. I used the IrfanView thing but that confused me aswell.. And I don't understand what you meant with "Which adjustment did you have chosen when you saved the .agif in PDN"
  6. Doesn't work for me.. I rename them to .agif file but then I can't open it. I put it in the filetype folder but still, nothing happens. The .gif doesn't move. And it doesn't take each frame to the layers. Help please, I really need this plugin.
  7. Hello. I have a question. When I add .gif images into Paint.NET, they're not moving.. Now I'm wondering, is there a plug-in for Paint.NET to add .gif images and edit each frame?
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