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  1. By the way Caminova (the folks currently behind the DjVU format, if I understand correctly) have just published a JPEG 2000 WIC codec. It's not ready for prime time yet but it might be worth considering supporting it in your Paint.NET adapter, too? Someone from their team posted a link on FPV's forum: ... ?f=7&t=331 and there is also an interesting suggestion about a "codec enumerator" in the followup comments. If you have all the enumeration code wrapped up and ready to go it sould be easy to hack together a simple applet that lists installed codecs, along with some information such as vendor name or guid, file extensions supported, version number etc in a listview. This could be an useful little tool.
  2. Just in case, WicCop (available in source form from has codec enumeration code.
  3. Hi, Just tried it with NEF, NRW, CR2 and works great. Just a couple of suggestions: enumerate all installed codecs, gather the supported file extensions from each codec and build your filter dynamically, so when a new codec gets written your plugin just sees it automagically (and you also support all existing codecs right away). I did this with my Photoshop WIC Import Plugin (which does the same thing as yours, but for Photoshop). You can filter out on the Vendor GUID if you want to exclude stock codecs from your scan: Microsoft's VendorGUID is {F0E749CA-EDEF-4589-A73A-EE0E626A2A2B}, but then you might inadvertently exclude the PSD codec that ships with Blend 3... Besides that the codec pack's URL is You can find sample raw files at, and Thank you for emphasizing the donationware status of the codecs. Cannot wait to see them in action with Paint.NET, thanks to your plugin! Axel (codec's author)