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  1. Alright guys i dropped the ball on this(If this happens again please mail through my website) I need to rewite this plugin to be compliant with the new Microsoft CODECS i will do that during next weekend if you guys haven't heard from me on September 11 feel free to go through my website and leave comments in my blog to remind me. Will get to this and sorry.
  2. FooBaa.net and Alien SM send me some files my email is zeus2003@yahoo.com and i will take a look into the issue. Guys sorry i've been completely MIA. But had a hard time the last couple of months and kinda dropped the ball on this.
  3. Back to the paint.net forums

  4. I guess i did not explain myself properly at teh end i don't want the selection to be modified It was just an example of how i did it manually. What i'm wondering is what is the best way to blur between to raidus in a circular motion. For example first circle uses unblur comparatively to one Second circle to 5 Third circle to 10 I think i might have to reimplement unfocus in order to do that but i don't really now how to figure the are in which the circle would be applied. Does this make my question clearer ?
  5. I want to make and effect using the blur plugin by increasing the amount of blur in a circular fashion to simulate DOF. Not sure how do i change the selection in order to be able to call it multiple times with different parameters. I might not be understanding how some parts work. Any help ?? Not posting the code because right now all i got is how to call the blur effect. The idea is to create and effect like this one image That was done by hand and it took 15 layers....
  6. Just to give an update on the status of the requested feature i'm going to do it the way axel is suggesting it. ETA For next week's friday. Basically first time the plugin is run it will compile a list of all the codecs in your machine and added to a file in your user folder /appdata i will include a little tool that will be able to modify that information in order to say which ones you want and which ones you are not interested in.
  7. @GordonBGood: Thanks for all the information provided i know about the codec wrappers and i have used them in some other projects in this one i was trying to learn the namespace i mentioned which i why i did not consider it. I know about reflector normally don't do it in others code. Since normally my side projects are fully for entertainment and i liked to figure it out. My metadata code is similar to Rick's because we discussed about it in another thread. I'm going to do this fix but i won't have time to implement probably for two more weeks. You seem to be interested on this plugin so let me know if you want me to place it in codeplex and then more people can contribute. Again thanks for taking the time. @Axel: Yeach i used the library for WicCop thanks for the link i think it could be useful for more people learning on this techniques. @Ergo: Thanks
  8. @Everyone: Sorry for not replying in a long time but i have been buried in work for the past couple of days. @ Axel Rietschin : i think your codecs are fantastic thanks for taking a look at my plugin for paint.net and for the sugestion regarding the listing of the files. @Gordon: I like the second idea of always using the same codec if there is more than one installed but i don't want to limit to the one's in this codec pack. I was trying to do the entirec plunging using system.windows.imaging but it seems like i will need to use the wrappers for it. @ks8802: will add it for the next version. @Everyone: does the metadata transfer work fine for everyone ??? I think that i will pass this plugin to the publishing area so other people can start using it also. @Moderator:Could you actually move this thread to publishing so that i don't have to copy all the info
  9. This almost ready to go out to the wild please people do one more round of testing and send me feedback so that i know that it works thanks.
  10. Has anyone had sucess using the plugin would like some feedback since i think i'm going to expand it to use all of the raw files provided by that codec provider and i have added some error logic since it would actually bug out in certain configs.
  11. I found the issue why some images were getting degenarated when imported and it was simple the sony provided codec is really awful in terms of providing a quality raw out of it. i found a third party provider that supplies codecs and makes it for almost all cameras and works just fine. . So people please try it with the new instructions and let me know your thoughts and will edit the plugin during the next month to make sure it supports Nikon and cannon also. Please test it.
  12. I was playing with the plugin today and while the metadata part works as expected the conversion of the raw into a paint.net object seems to not be working that well as anyone tried using WIC to turn images into bitmaps before ??
  13. 2/7/2010 Made changes to the code to supprot better error handling and changed the amount of supported formats. Going to post in the publishing section This is the first plugin that i launch to the public in general hope that it helps sony users that use paint.net to do postprocessing. Please let me know of any issues that you find Plugin description I loads raw files for paint.net using the windows imaging component and its been made so that the metadata from images get copied. Compatability Supported files are the following ".arw", ".srf" , ".sr2" , ".new" , ".nrw" , ".cr2" , ".crw", ".orf" Installation Instructions 1-Download http://www.fastpictureviewer.com/codecs/support/?ver=1.64 please use this one with the application(this is not freeware is donationware if you decide to use it for the run you got to donate some bucks to them). 2-Install this plugin on paint.net Tested With Sony alpha 100 Future versions Need Nikon, cannon raw files in order to do more testing. Need to figure out what to do with error msgs Need to write code to figure out if the correct codec pack is installed otherwise for the plugin to warn user since i cannot guarantee fucntionality. ARWLOAD.zip
  14. I've seen this hack (sorry to call it that but is weird tactic) before i'm going to see if there are any other options and will let you knwo what i ended up doing in my plugin. Btw the wrapper for WIC in .net seems rather incomplete which kind of disapointed me a bit. Alright an update on the current progress in case anyone is interested I can now insert string of any types and it works with the current metadata system. Retrieving the Property Item. ConstructorInfo[] constructor = typeof(PropertyItem).GetConstructors(BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance); object[] objects = new object[0]; PropertyItem item = (PropertyItem)constructor[0].Invoke(objects); Passing the data for a string goes something like this string title = (string)metaData.GetQuery(@"/ifd/{ushort=270}"); //18 + (2 * number of characters) string lenght ASCIIEncoding encoding = new ASCIIEncoding(); itemList.Add(new ExifValue(270, encoding.GetByteCount(title), 2, encoding.GetBytes(title))); And then finally into document metadata Document currentDoc = Document.FromImage(; List items = new List(); foreach (ExifValue e in properties) { ConstructorInfo[] constructor = typeof(PropertyItem).GetConstructors(BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance); object[] objects = new object[0]; PropertyItem item = (PropertyItem)constructor[0].Invoke(objects); item.Id = e.id; item.Len = e.len; item.Type = e.type; item.Value = e.value; items.Add(item); } currentDoc.Metadata.AddExifValues(items.ToArray()); I will keep going and see if i can pass all the data i'm interested on hopefully put a beta of this out tonight. Thanks for the help.
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