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  1. Locked for violations of Paint.NET license, as well as international copyright law. Hi, I made a small free software that enables you to apply paint .net effects on Avi 1.0 files. It hasn't been tested too much, so probably some stability issues should be expected. Download: You can get it here! Edit by Rick: No you can't. Sample: As a sample, you can see that I took this small movie, applied the pencil effect and got this. How to use: -First, open the configuration file and write the path of your paint .net effects folder. -Run the application, Press on File --> Load and load your AVI movie. If the file doesn't load, it could be because: * It is not a valid Avi 1.0 file (Avi 2.0 is not supported). * You don't have the appropriate codec for this file. -Press on File --> Export Frames... -Check the "Export to Avi" option. -Select Start Frame and End Frame from which to export the movie. -Press on Select Folder... and select the folder in which the movie will be exported. -Press on the effects tab, press on Add Effect... and add all the effects that you desire. You can run multiple effects, they will be rendered in the order you added them. You can also double click an effect to change its settings. -Press OK and hopefully the movie will be created. In the future I would like to add more stuff in there (like selecting primary & secondary color since some effects use them, and applying properties for effects to change their impact during the movie). Any feedback is appreciated!
  2. Ok, I posted a new version (1.2) which adds the functionality of setting the brush width of the lines. I gave up on the idea of using tabs, so to simplify the GUI a bit I used Ego Eram Reputo suggestion and removed the color wheel for the first point, so that the primary color will be used for that.
  3. Well, yes, that's exactly my problem. The controls are there, they are allowed to be used, but only if you use the 'simple' api. It's like you have two options: either use our controls and nothing else, or write all of the controls yourself without using ours... it doesn't make too much sense to me...
  4. Ok, thanks anyways... If I could just suggest adding an ability to do this in the future, so that we will be able to develop more complicated UIs for our plugins without having to do "tricks"...
  5. Nope, I don't have the source (not for the controls I want)... I have the api for the indirect ui, in it I see that the effect has to override the OnCreateConfigUI method which returns a ControlInfo instance. In that ControlInfo I see the aforementioned methods that I hope were included in order to develop a more custom ui...
  6. Hi, I'm trying to write a plugin, and I want to use the paint .net existing controls but I want them to be nested in my own ui container with some additional controls. Is there any way to achieve that with indirect ui? I noticed in ControlInfo.cs the methods: public object CreateConcreteControl(object uiContainer); public object CreateConcreteControl(Type uiContainerType); These look promising, but since I don't see any documentation for them and since all of the plugin sources I looked at did not use these methods, I don't know if they fit my purpose, and I don't know how they are meant to be used. Please help me, thanks...
  7. Not possible with CodeLab. In fact, it would be fairly difficult because you'd need the source code to Paint.NET in order to copy the code for the UI elements (X/Y and color wheel controls). Maybe you could just use a drop down list box instead of a color wheel. Just make some presets including Primary and Secondary colors, red, blue, black, gray, purple, etc. I think using tabs is a good idea, so I try to find the source for the UI controls. I managed to find the color wheel in the source of PDN 3.0, but I can't seem to find the "double vector" control (to use the codelab name, the one that selects the vanishing point), and I'm beginning to wonder if it was there in 3.0 at all, and since I don't see a later version source code I'm kinda stuck... does anybody know where I can find the source for it to include in my plugin? I'm hoping that using the tabs will solve this. If I can't figure out how to do the plugin from outside codelab, I will use your suggestion... You're right, you won't find an adjustable brush size in the current version. You will find it in the next version though. I already got it working, I just want to figure out the UI thing and I'll publish a version with this feature, I'll PM you to let you know when it's here, just in case.. There is a problem with this feature IMO. Let's say I will have this option, it means that the vanishing point will not be seen, since AFAIK there is no way to tell Paint .Net to show stuff outside of the Canvas. That means that the user won't be able to accurately draw more lines to the vanishing point...
  8. I was going back&forth with this... The thing is, I keep forgetting setting the secondary color to something that's not white and then I have to cancel, set it and open it again which annoys me... Other people who may also do this will not know about the primary&secondary colors and think that it doesn't work, I think in the end this is more intuitive (even at the price of messing up the gui a little bit).
  9. I gave it a shot... I'm not sure it that's what you wanted exactly, but you can now set the "aspect ratio" of the lines (for a lack of a better word) as you can see in the new screenshot. I also added a color wheel...
  10. Hi, I've created a plugin (my first) that draws perspective lines in order to help you with your perspective drawing. You can select between one or two vanishing points, and locate them on your desired location on the canvas. You can also set their brush width and their "aspect ratio" (for a lack of a better word). Get it here (version 1.2): A sample image of the UI (of version 1.1) & its result: