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  1. @Dark Zarosia Yeah, I am new to PDN. The font's called Plaza, if you like it. @Csm Really like the simple design, along with the gloss, and 3D effect. 8.5/10
  2. Nice chrome effect, goes well with the C4. However, the font doesn't really match, try using a different font, make it lighter, duplicate it, put the duplicated layer under the orginal and blur it. It should look nicer. 8.5/10
  3. I think Flips sig should have some more effects and some stuff to fill in the blank parts on the right (maybe the left, but there are already bullets there). Chrishcos sig should also have some more effects, and and there are some white pixels around the render. My vote goes to Flip. Flip: 2 Chrisco: 0
  4. Csm: 3 Br: 1 Reason is BR's is too simple in my opinion. Congrats Csm!
  5. Nice sig. I really like the neon like glow of the rope thing. Also, I noticed that if you stand up and look at your monitor, you see a really faint blue glow. I think that you should make the glow a LITTLE brighter, don't over do it. Just make it bright enough so that it's a bit clearer. Also, a bit more effects would be nice. 7.7/10
  6. Awww, what the heck? Everyone's giving my sig bad ratings because they hate Halo or they hate the guy in my picture. Aren't we supposed to be judging the sig by the originality, the effects, the background, etc.? :x Skip me.
  7. Wow, that a pretty awesome sig. I really like the play button, along with the gloss on it. The font also looks really cool. I also like the shadow. I'm usually to lazy to make shadows . The only thing that bothers me is that you can't see the words on the right. Try moving them a little to the left. Then it won't be as empty on the right side. 9/10
  8. Nice sig. Try to make the render a BIT less blurry. Also I don't really like the dark background. 7.5/10 Rate my current sig.
  9. Really nice knife, and same with the tofu and cutting board. I like the original design, the only thing that's bothering me is the tomato. I think you should add a shadow to it. My final rating is 8.5/10
  10. Thanks, I really needed to learn where to improve. I tried a different tutorial this time, and I think I got better results (a lot better). Skip me!
  11. Oh my, mines sucks compared to the rest, but I am a noob to PDN (look at my post count). I would rate yours 7.5/10. I see you're a Halo fan too . I think you should make the wording a little bigger, and the C4's don't really match, but the render and effects are awesome, a lot better than mine.
  12. Hmmmm... The suspense... I like ZE's colors, but I like the C4'S in burningrock's sig... Meh, I like the colors a lot, so I choose ZE. I never really liked the Sonic series (sorry). ZE: 1 burningrock: 2
  13. Wow, very professional looking. Seems a little hard for newbies like me, but I should be able to manage it! :oops: I'll post my outcome later. Edit: Failed miserably. How sad.
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