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  1. I've got it setup and working quite nicely now. It used to crash Paint.NET if I attempted to add the watermark to more than 1 image without closing out in between each image. But with a newer version of the program it no longer crashes.
  2. Ahhh, I've figured out what you mean now. In the My Documents folder your installed created a "Paint.NET User Files" folder. I've now added my XML file into the Watermarks directory and it works great. Thanks!
  3. Here is where I found it: <Site removed by EER - the only safe place to download plugins is this forum>
  4. I should elaborate. I grabbed the DLL and have the option available within Paint.NET to use PDNWatermark, however no install was performed and no folder was created. Should I use the EXE installer instead of just loading the DLL into the Effects folder?
  5. I can't find a User Files folder in C:\Program Files\Paint.Net
  6. This may be a stupid question, but where do we save our XML files that we've created to?
  7. I run a website called veryliberating.com and manually edit all images submitted to the site. In a fashion similar to icanhascheezburger.com, I add a semi-transparent black bar to the bottom of each image, which lists the URL of my site. My question is, can I automate or simplify the process of doing this? Essentially, what I currently do for each image is... 1) Resize to 450px wide if wider than 450px 2) Paste my 80 x 15px semi-transparent PNG with my site URL as a new layer 3) Manually move this new layer from the top left corner to the bottom right corner 4) Select a portion of the black bar and stretch it to fill the whole image width * If I start with a 450px wide semi-transparent PNG to get around step 4, then images which are less than 450px wide get widened when adding this new layer and then require cropping to get them back to their original size. Perhaps there is a plugin available to add a new layer to a different default location, or to more easily add this watermark-like layer to fill the bottom of the selected image? Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!