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  1. Thank you for your reply. This did help. Love this Plugin!
  2. I am confused as to where to post questions concerning plugins? Forum Rule #2 states that I should never post a question in the Plugins discussion as it is for publishing only,yet when I posted a question about a problem with a plugin in General Disscussions I was told that it had to be posted in the Plugin thread, which is located in Plugins/Publishing Only and seems to go against rule 2. So is there an exception to the rule or am I just a dolt? Just would like some clarifiation for future plugin questions? Thank you.
  3. I just started using the Circle Text plugin but I am having a hard time making the text evenly spaced. Some of the letters cram up next to others while others leave large spaces. Tried to manually space the letters to adjust them as well as tried different fonts but ran into the same problem. Which fonts work the best for Circle and Spiral text and is there a way to resolve the awkward spacing? Thanks much for any consideration and suggestions of this problem.