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  1. Please PLEASE make a tutorial for that nebula!!! I absolutely love it And thanks soo much for the line tutorials as well 8)
  2. This is a new one I made, it's kind of big, designed for a 1080p (1980x1080) screen. Hidden Content: I hope you like it Oh, and on the glow layers I set the property to overlay, so now it seems to actually glow rather than just add a white "haze" or something
  3. Just a question but in the pink/purple example you had did you ever use drop shadow? by the way, here's a picture I made for a friend. The real resolution is 1080p (or 1920 x 1080) Hidden Content:
  4. Heres my result: I added a bit more glow to the lines By the way, the actual image size is 1366 x 768
  5. Aaaaaaahhhh! Thanks you so much. I love this tutorial, but I thought you had to change the first and secondary colors! I'll post a result when I'm finished
  6. Hey, I was just wondering if someone explain to me the "Linear transparent gradient" because whenever I try it I always end up with the main picture gone and stuff. Could someone explain that step for me? Thanks in advance
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