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  1. thanks so much just figured id show you my attempt.
  2. ok really quick, i just recently took my windows 7 off my laptop, and re-installed the windows xp (home edition) laptop came with, but i am going to re-partition the drive which is 100gig so i have 40 and 40 with a 20 gig recovery. but i found out that windows 7 and any os can be used, but the trick is that the eldiest os has to be added first, so i'm going to run both xp he, and windows 7, by the way windows 7 is good, i would grab the ultimate upgrade if you can, best for self setup. and the setup is only 25 minutes for windows 7.... waaa ha ha ha waa hahah Gahl-
  3. So how do i jump in! I want to play.... Puur!
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