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  1. Sarkut, No, I have a Limited Account, is that what's causing this? Scorpio & Sarkut, I checked PdN and it's uner 'N' for 'Nowhere.' ;-(
  2. So, there's a problem with my fonts AND trying to add plugins. Here's the gist of it: I Save the font onto my desktop. Extract, etc. all that good stuff. I go to the Fonts section of my Local Disk and (try) drag and drop it into the Font section, and I get this: http://i50.tinypic.com/27zmfc7.jpg I need to know how to fix this. And now with the adding plugins into PdN. So, I download the plugin, save it, etc. etc. So, I go to Windows and all that, click the PdN link, and go to 'Effects' to put in the plugin, and I get this: http://i48.tinypic.com/8y8ac4.jpg I really need to fix this. Any ways?
  3. I'd like to request one, since I'm no artist/brushmaker. 1. Coffee cup stains. Make sure they'd be really large, large enough for layout templates, but small enough for you to use in a signature and be able to tell what it is.
  4. MOre is coming...veeery quickly... :twisted:
  5. You walk into the room, your eyes sweeping across the desolate derelict. "What could do this..." You wonder to yourself, and spy a young teen playing with toys painted with lead. "Excuse me..." You ask, walking up to him. He looks up, and you recoil when you see his eyes, those strange violet eyes, burning blacker and blacker. "Yes..?" He says, his voice curious, yet mostly unentertained, and...fear. "Who are you?" You ask, and you stare into the depths of the black-haired boy's purple irises. "My name is Dani." He says, and he sits up in his chair. "Why are you in The Quarantine?" He asks. You smile. "I've been looking for you." You say. You take his hand and his eyes widen, but he gets up willingly and follows you out the crumbling building. "Thank you..." He says, carrying his raggedy bag with him. "For what?" You ask. "For saving me from that rotting place. Most people die within the week if they stay there." Dani says. "What were you doing there, then? And what do you have in your bag?" Dani ignores your question, and answers "I have my laptop. It's the only thing that kept me going in the time I was in The Quarantine. I have a graphics application on there, Paint.net... you've heard of it?" He asks, politely incredulous when recognition flashes in your eyes. "Yes. I'm a user." You say, and Dani's eyes light up. "Perhaps we can share our graphics." He says. You nod and sit down on a nearby bench, and Dani takes out his laptop. He quickly grins at you before showing you numerous icons and banners. Yes, well, I doubt you guys will read that, but I wanted to put in a little story of why the title is 'The Quarantine.' Here's the banners, and the avatars! I do hope you like them. Criticism and bumps are very much appreciated. AVATARS Hidden Content: More to come as I work on it. BANNERS Hidden Content: More to come as I work on it! Come again!
  6. Don't you get annoyed by all these questions?
  7. Last poster: I quite liiked it...though I'm probably biased. I adore the smoky effect you did... I'm annoyed at how I fasil at uploading plugins. 8.7/10. Current signature critique, please?
  8. I adore: 1) Your username 2)Photo 9, if only for purple eyes. *Wannabe purple contact lenses* 3) Photo 10, because I cant. Figure. Out how you got those little beads on there...
  9. HEY! Yeah..I'm Dani. No, I'm not a female, I'm a male. And I like the name Dani. I've known boys with names like my username, so hush, it isn't any of your business to say 'OMG ur usrnam is a gurls nme.' or anything like that. So, you must know this about me: I'm completely outsane. What is outsane? It's like insane, only that much weirder/better. I love Paint.net. It's simple enough for me, a 13 year old, to really be able to use it and get it, but complex enough so that it isn't '5 features and then phut.' I like cooking. I'm only on the computer in days that end in a 'y'. And I can't wait to start posting! Oh, and a few other things I just now remembered... I'm 13 (as said above) Do try and use proper capitalization when speaking to me, and never- NEVER, I SAY!- Use chatspeak in front of me. I bite. Hard. And I usually use Paint.net for banners, since I have no good camera, but on Christmas I'm hoping to get a Fujifilm with 12x optical zoom, 5.7 digital zoom, face-seeking technology, multiple modes, ect. ect. so by then you'll be seeing quite a few photos by me! Please tell me this isn't a site that flames on new people for asking what you may consider 'stupid questions a 5 year old would ask.' I may be new, and know only what I learned from expirimenting(sp, I'm sure.) on my own, as well as lurking in the tutorials ages before I joined, but that does not and NEVER WILL give you the right to go 'OMG n00b go away.' Cheers, everyone! And no, I'm not British! D:
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