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  1. i think that your sigs are the best in your gallery. i especially like 'red steel'
  2. @APShredder it couldn't possibly be that hot!! you be dieing!!
  3. ^ nope some of my friends got it and it's not that bad < knows people with h1n1 (swine influenza (wine flu)) v also does
  4. Eat It by Weird Al White and Nerdy by Weird Al does this comply with the rules??
  5. this movie looks freeking awesome!!
  6. well, the due date or when ten entrys recieved is a good idea, because then people will know to get it in early and not spend too long doing it or something else. Sorry if what i said before didn't quite make sense 'coz i didn't re-read that post but it sounded fine while writing it. :Colors:
  7. you do, but one of them puts you in a trance while walking along the street and you walk in front of a truck and get run over i wish that i don't need the toilet right now
  8. you cant close early coz what about the entry date you said you cant just change that coz someone might not have it in by then
  9. 9.5/10 very good and innovative (i think that's the word) but is peaceful and dosn't strayn your eyes. i'm getting a new one soon but if i havn't changed do my current one
  10. it looks good (9/10) the black and white with the outlining of the character looks quite good and effective (you may notice i'm not talking like a tool now )
  11. i'll join :Colors: :Link: :Undo: :Unfocus:
  12. um... where is tpam's wish :?: :?: :?: i wishsh eye wood stoppp spellinggg licce t'iz
  13. it isnt but now it is deadly and you die at first site when you see it i wish this lego thingy was finished
  14. tp^m is a silly with no tpbm message tpbm likes lollys'
  15. don't have a xbox or 460 but don't wunt 1
  16. you have one and it bcvomez a spaming room and crashes the chatsite i wish i had a boat
  17. 5/10 okay found it just a minute ago
  19. Corn??? no iz horrible music tpbm is tpbm
  20. looks like a kind ov can-del... withhowt teh wik... 7/10 kos it loocz prit-e goood..
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