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  1. yea i just figured that out so i had to delete em manualy anyways lol
  2. o.o i wish i would have known that before i uninstalled it.... Thanks for clearing that out for me anyways =)
  3. I am not sure where to post this and please help me if im in the wrong section. Its has occurred to me that i am a plugin pack rat, i have so many plugins that it slows down paint.net too much. I can easily go into the effects folder and delete some plugins but i just can't tell whats default and what isn't anymore, of course i can always reinstall paint.net but that would be a bit troubling. So i have a suggestion, what if we could have a restore to default option in paint.net to take away all of that work. (forgive me if there already is an option like that) It would be pretty use full. Tha
  4. Heres mine =) instead of recoloring on step four i used clouds
  5. I can't figure out how to use the font you did in the tutorial. Help? :? (edit) nevermind i figured it out
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