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  1. I don't mean to suggest that it should. It was simply my mistake in thinking that the selection I copied 'was the picture which contained the EXIF data'. It's really just a matter of the wrong frame of reference for me. Thanks for everyone's help. J--
  2. Sorry, its taken me so long to get back and thanks for the reply! I'm taking a jpeg image from my Nikon, resizing it in paint.net, and saving it as a jpeg. The saved image has no exif data. Is this everyone's experience...? I tinkered around with this I think I discovered the issue (my issue really). I'm cropping the image by creating a fixed size selection and then copying that selection into a new image. The new image does not inherit the Exif data. My duh... Sorry to trouble you. J--
  3. Is it possible to retain exif data in an image edited by paint.net? I searched the forum and read the first dozen responses. Only one of them seem related to this issue and that poster never received a response. I searched the help files but found no entries for exif data. I'm not sure if this is a flaw in the way I'm using paint.net, something that isn't implemented yet, or something paint.net isn't meant to do. I'd like to edit my photos in paint.net and retain the exif data for display on my blog. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks! J--
  4. Guess I don't really need to sleep... Here is the version with tiled , cut, and then pasted in text. A little better I think but its hard to see... Now to make some borders.
  5. I would like to tile a background color+gradient and then apply text to the image that mimics the tile's curvature but without reflecting the text into the nearby tiles. It occurred to me that I could make an image with the text reflected into the nearby tiles thus getting the right amount of 'twist' and then cut the text out and reapply it to another clean, tiled background thus preserving the nearby tiles and implementing the curvature I want. Is there a better way to do this? Below is the version with the 'unbent' text. I'll take another swing at this tomorrow, its late. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I tinkered with giving the Bus sig the glass look but it was late and I didn't like the way it looked so I passed on it. Here is one of the lines I was unsure about: "I decided to move the lower Blur layer a few pixels down and to the right. Then I erased parts I didn't want." I don't know how to erase those parts. I see the emphatic notes about '...not asking questions...' so I'll just leave the feedback about the instructions. I really appreciate your response. I find it encouraging. J--
  7. I enjoyed your tutorial there were a couple of places where the instructions seemed to assume I knew how to do some things I had to puzzle out but it worked out great for me. Here are a couple of the results I got. Thanks a lot for the tutorial. J--
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