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  1. Basically, all I need for a sun is a yellow ball with a smiley face. :lol:

    But, seriously, great tut. I've seen trickier uses of Shape3D, but hey, what else can you do for a sphere? :roll:

  2. Heh. What other way to make someone laugh than spamming Chaos Rainbows Of Cute Teddy Bears That Have Awesome Fedoras And Ponies With Fluffy Pillows That Make me Feel Good Inside.

    You are thinking now, what an epic failure to get the Funniest Person award.

    So true. :roll:

    Anyways, I'm not around that much to know all this! The only people I know are the names easy to remember! Ash... Erm, Rick... Uhh... Some Eram Raputo guy, he's a mod. I'm sorry you have so few votes, but as I said, I don't know enough people. Ugh, screw this, I'll vote next year. :lol:

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