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  1. I work on thousands of computers.. (no joke, see me on TV <snip>I do computer repair for a living and have worked on over 6000 computers) SP2 with XP is great. No problems, my old beat up laptop still boots in under 13 seconds and all my programs work just fine. With SP3, about 5 out of 10 times it will not even install on XP. Out of the 5 that did install, 100% of them are slower, 90% need more ram, 100% experiance weird problems and lock ups. It's MS's way of getting you to "upgrade" to Vista. Anyways, please let Paint.net work with SP2. :-)
  2. I would like to see quality settings when saveing as agif. I made a new document, when I was done, I saved it as agif, when I reopened it today, the back ground was blank, and so the gif would have a weird black back ground when viewed through a web page... I figured out how to do "global" for the fill settings and I could change it back to white, but then that degraded the fine 8 point font of my image. I think that if you save a normal gif you get a chance to change the dithering level and transparency threshold so the Save AS process does not give the gif a clear background, when in fact you wanted a white background.. I first though lost a days work. :shock: :oops: My kids did not know I could cuss so much.. It would also be a kick &lt; no swearing &gt; thing to have a longer delay than 40. :wink:
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