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  1. @yellowman - thank you! I did a bit of tweaking to the image and came up with this: Mostly the horizon is changed slightly (the fire is spread a bit more) and the water is more realistic.
  2. nitenurse79 - your image is really good! I like how you even added the alps (I think, at least) to the Earth. The stars could be a little more sparse and colourful, maybe. And the Sun's light seems a bit... superficial, almost. But, other than that, it's pretty realistic. This is my first attempt at a "realistic" image in Paint.NET: Opinions? It's a bit blurry, but unfortunately, that couldn't be avoided...
  3. Those stars and buttons are really awesome. Well done! My only suggestion would be to shade in the edges of the glass to transition to the metal - in the star, that is. That might be too much to ask, though, within Paint.NET's limits. Other than that, it's basically photo-realistic.
  4. Hey, it's great! I like it. There's just a bit of things that look a little out of place - the control pad, for example. I think if you added shadow it would look a bit better. This is an outer-spacey image I made. I made it in just a few minutes, but I'm quite happy with the results. It's based off of an image of the earth (it's blurred because it's moving), but it's been tweaked quite a bit. It's sort of a mix between realism and abstract, but it's more realistic than abstract, so I posted it here. Any comments/criticism would be accepted greatly.
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