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  1. Yeah, I was already aware of the tour dates - they just never come to the west U.S. - and I don't have time to travel too far right now...

    Though Turin might sound a bit nice - over Christmas break. All I gotta do is sell my soul :lol:

    I'm lucky my dads friend works for a ticket company so I was lucky to get them. :lol: 100 posts

  2. ^ agreed.

    Here is a rant for you guys..

    As most of you know i design websites and in some cases maintain them (and do advertising for them also). Well this morning my DM, who doesnt know anything about graphic design or website maintenance (he is admitadly very good at economical side of the business [thats his role] said "i want 'x'.com number 4 on google in four days or youre gone".

    Now for those of you who dotn quite realise the insanity of this ill explain a bit more:

    For roughly 6 months i have built, maintained, designed/redesigned and done the advertisement for a particular company, whom i shall reference as 'x' ...within this time i have managed to get this companies website how they like it and rank 6-7 worldwide on all the key search engines such as google/yahoo/msn...Obviously done advertisement etc too...prety good yes? well here is the crazy part...i have done all that on a budget of £500

    This is for 2 key terms they are ranked 6-7, people who are ranked around us (1-10) are paying roughly £800-1k per 3 months..i was given £500 for a year! and hes going to get rid of me just because he doesnt like me! :evil: :evil:

    At least now i dont feel bad for applying for a job elsewhere now...and lord knows i am SO going to take him up on this..he may be the DM but this is ridiculus!

    wow. you do loads of work and he repays with you with disrespect and a low budget. You don't deserve to be working with him.

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