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  1. Okay so I downloaded WinRar with no problems, however I still can't seem to open the plugins in the BoltBait pack. When I go to download Boltbait pack an icon pops up stating "Do you want to open or save this file". I clicke on "open" and it brings up all the different pluin icons in the pack in WinRAR. If I double click on an icon (for ex. feather.dll), it brings up all kinds of lettering on a notepad. When I right click on the icon it gives a list of options.....Select all, Add files to archive, Extract to specified folder, view file, test archive files,etc....Am I even in the right place and what do I choose? I tried extracting the file to Local Disk C, the to Program files folder, to Paint.NET and into my Effects folder. When I go to opent the Effects folder it brings up all the plugins (feather.dll,colorbalance.dll,etc.). When I right click to open one of them, such as feaether.dll, it brings up a box with options: Open with(notepad, internet explorer, or choose program). It also show options to Add to Archive, Add to Feather.rar, compress and email,etc... Do you have any idea what I need to do or am doing wrong? Maybe I'm just an idiot? Do you think I should purchase a program such as Photoshop? Would that be easier to try to copy & paste an image onto another and make it look realistic? Thanks for all your help.....you've been GREAT!
  2. I have been trying to unzip the boltbait pack and can't get it to work. After I have it downloaded, it asks "do you want to Open or Save this file" I click on "open" and then it shows all of the plugin icons (ex. feather.dll). On the left hand side of my screen it says "Folder Tasks" and underneath that it says "Extract all files" with a zipper folder. Below that it says "Other places" and shows the following folders "VOR8EJM8", "My Documents", "Shared Documents" and "My Network Places". I clicked on "Extract files" and it brings up an Extraction wizard. I go through the steps in the wizard and then it brings up an icon that says "windows cannot open this file" What am I doing wrong? :? Thanks for your help.
  3. Thank you for helping me. I think I've got the parts "cut" out that I want. Now how do I get rid of the white areas I cut and where do I find the featherbrush? Sorry to be a pain in the rear. I'm not very intelligent when it comes to this stuff
  4. I have been trying for several days to make a photo look realistic but am new to paint.net and am having major problems I can't seem to get my background blended and have the Ellipse image on my photo. I've attached the picture and if anyone could teach me how to touch this up and get it looking realistic, I would greatly appreciate it Thanks a bunch!
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