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  1. I can confirm that this is now in working order, thanks, Rick!
  2. Windows 10, also the latest version
  3. I use Google Chrome (latest version), and pretty much any image with transparency gets affected, like this one for example When i click 'Open image in a new tab' and then click 'Copy image' on it and paste it into PDN, it becomes this I went back to version 4.1.6 to see if it was just an issue with the beta, and when i did, pasting that same image into PDN worked just fine On another note; If i copy an image i already have open in PDN that has transparency, and paste that either as a new layer or a new file, it'll keep it's transparency, so it just seems to be an issue with copying image data from outside sources, such as a web browser Also, saving a transparent image from my browser and then opening it in PDN keeps the transparency, so it's only to do with copying the image
  4. I'm sorry if these have been reported already, but since opting into the 4.2 beta versions, transparent images copied from my web browser into PDN lose their transparency, and pasting a screen capture into PDN distorts the image with a slight wrap-around/tiling effect and a red, green, and blue pixel appear on the bottom left of the pasted image I've made an image showing the former issue
  5. 8.6/10 It's pretty neat, it has a bit of high tech sort of look to it
  6. I just felt like messing with effects and stuff, and i eventually got to this It looked good to me, so i thought i'd use it, so what do you guys think?
  7. Holy cow... Almost 2000 pages! I've never seen that many pages/posts before! :o
  8. Here are the games that i play Halo 3 The Orange Box (Xbox 360) Little Big Planet Rock Band 2 (PS3) I don't play Rock Band 2 as much as i play the other games
  9. Free free to add me
  10. I have a computer i share with my older brother which is Windows Vista, and i have this Laptop that runs on Windows XP SP3