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  1. I use both XP SP3 and XP SP2 Reasons not to install SP3: 1) Very large, takes time/bandwidth to download. 2) Installs things that I don't want/need installed. 2.1) Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 2.2) MSXML6 SP2 2.3) RDP 6 (Remote desktop) For example having RDP 6 installed on my machine, breaks another critical application I use. (Paint.Net != Critical) I'm sure for 99+% of the world, having XP SP3 as a minimum requirement would work. I'm however part of that less than 1% group. P.S. The easiest way to see your Windows version is to press the "Windows Key" and then "Pause/Break" simultaneously (assuming you can find those keys) :wink: