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  1. I'm sorry guys, I was using BoltBait's outline, not pyro's, I messed up everything very much... I had newest version of PDN and older version of BB'S outline, I guess that's why it wasn't working... then I thought that updated I've BB'S outline, instead I've updated pyro's xD I am sorry for everything... I've downloaded BoltBait's Plugin Pack and replaced everything and it works now! Thanks for help, regards deejaytu
  2. not working again... :evil: :evil: It was working, before I reinstalled windows :?
  3. """""""" Hey guys! First of all, Pyro, thanks for letting us use and have this great add for Paint.NET, I love the paint.net and I love the adds and stuff u can get for it and it's so simple, but pro. I've got a problem... When I draw the line (or anything else, like text etc.) and use outline I get really weird lines surrounding the main line that's being outlined or if I use text... and since the picture can spoke for 1000 words, here it is: """"""""" When I decided to create a sample of that weirdness, I got it out, and when I used the red outline, everything was perfectly fine... LOL, I know, I sound crazy, but if anyone will have the problem, people, just try it for 50 times and if it won't work... then write... here is the pic.: I solved my problem but still I don't know what was wrong...
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