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  1. This is the well know "Indian monkey-fly" Obviously
  2. This is the well know "Indian monkey-fly" Obviously
  3. So I was wondering does any of you guys use the Wacom Cintiq 21UX? I am planning to buy it but I was wondering if it is worth it or do you have other suggestions for tablets?
  4. The Company makes software for psychotherapists but I just made a spin-off from the original logo: The original logo was made by a professional but I dont really like it so I made my own just to get to know this progr.... ehh software ^^ My boss really wants to keep the sneaky dollar implementation and a the red bird.
  5. So I'm a real noob in Paint.NET, been using it for 2 days now to create some random stuff. For the moment I'm focussing on logo's for my company just to test my creative skillz. The first logo I made was: Then the second logo was: And my final and best in my opinion is: For this image I used a random globe picture from wikimedia http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... be.svg.png So please tell me what you think and if they can use some improvements. Tips are more than welcome Thanks in advance P.S. This program is awesome!!
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