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  1. ...when you re-create the mona lisa for fun in under 10 minuites. Without using effects. ...when you want to slap annoying people who press buttons and don't know what their doing.
  2. 7/10. Never heard of the goonfellas, but nice effects and backgrounds.
  3. On most other forums I'm called SuperGuy 9000, but I decided SG 9K is better. And it rhymes!
  4. I sit next to this annoying little brat in 90% of my classes at my new school. I want to rip his head soooo badly.
  5. I seem to be having a problem with your (great) plug-in. I've probably messed up massively, but who doesn't at some point . My problem is that after I try to use the plug-in, Paint.NET chashes. I use a Windows XP, and put the .dll in the effects folder, like normal. I've probably screwed up so bad on this . Thanks in advance to anyone who helps. I'm using the current version of the plug-in, 5.1.2 .
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