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  1. "Stock for inspiration?"....i don't know what it means...T_T.. I also need to practice more English.

    I was trying to make some looked Real. i wanted to paint a Car, but i think i am not good enough

    to deal with all the skills: lines, curves, reflection and shadows to paint a car...so...

    i started it with a easier one..my C902.

    I painted the c902 with the effect plugins from this forum...no "ready-materials" were used.

    a stock is an image you not created. so the question was if you looked at an image of the phone and made it using the picture to see how it looks.

  2. simply amazing! will try this in a min and post my try :)

    EDIT: Here it is!


    Not as good as yours but still :P i didnt did so much on the "glossyness" of the ball.

  3. This thread is for entries and voting only. Everything else goes in the Discussion thread. So shut up, y'all!

    EDIT: The next person to test my patience by saying, "but pyrochild, you did not enter or vote," gets to be the first on this forum to try out moderator preview. That means a mod has to approve each and every post you make before it shows.

    why did you write EDIT:, when the post is unedited :P

    EDIT: Nevermind, I am just being an annoying smartass:


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