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  1. Better Together Jack Johnson then It's a Beautiful Thing Ocean Colour Scene
  2. Thanks BoltBait this helped me immensely. I have downloaded the plugins I wanted with no trouble at all
  3. You sound rather too happy about it. It means hell for me! Someone kidnap me, please! LOL!! I am my 2 boys are 8 and 9 and have fought their way through the 6 week hols! love em but cannot wait for some peace and quiet
  4. The 6 weeks hols are nearly over which means my kids go back to school and I will have more time to play with paint.net . Am also happy I found this site
  5. Well I love your sig so I like the avator...might be nice to see something different tho 9/10
  6. I chose Dragon because I am obsessed with Dragons...was born in the year of the Dragon and have 5 Dragon tattoos... I am known by Dragon on most forums had to have the 1 because just plain ole Dragon was already taken :wink:
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