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  1. I'm kind of new to paint.net and making signatures, but this is what I came up with: and chrisco, that looks pretty good.
  2. thanks for considering my idea, even though its not gonna happen :wink:
  3. no, i mean like in FF where you can drag buttons on and off. Then you could have the buttons for the tools and effects you use the most.
  4. I searched, and didn't see if anyone had already had this idea- but it would be cool if you could customize the toolbars similar to firefox and other programs. I know i have spent hours customizing toolbars on firefox (out of boredom) and would enjoy doing it in Paint.NET. thanks, jlc
  5. here is one i made, it isnt as good as most peoples' but it is only the first version. my favorite part is how the stars are darker behind the earth.
  6. i am also new,but heres my go at it:
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