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  1. I searched and looked all over the site but I cant find out to colour the shadows in. Can somebody please help?
  2. Whenever I try to download fonts they never show up. I've tried downloading them everywhere. C-Program Files- Paint.Net- File Types C- Program Files- Paint.Net- Effect and even C-Windows-Fonts Nothing ever comes up. The main font I'm trying is Evanescent (http://www.dafont.com/evanescence.font) How do I get it to show up?
  3. The font download isn't working for me. I download it and extract it to C-Program Files- Paint.Net- File Types but it doesn't show up can somebody help me please! Another weird thing I dont know if this is just for fonts (First font I've downloaded) but they come up as .ttf instead of .dll can somebody post a tutorial or let me know how to do it?
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