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  1. Sorry I haven't been around much lately but I've been making a point to spend more time with my three kids. In any case, this is something I got to do this morning:
  2. On the butterfly- it's added to my to do list... and as for the banner, I used a stock image of a wave, but did a lot of tweaking This was the original image: Thanks for the feedback!
  3. I absolutely love how this one turned out too!
  4. Here's another experimental photo graphic... I liked the way this one turned out!
  5. Okay- so here are my graphics from the past couple of days... hope you like them! _____________________________________________________
  6. Beautiful plugin- can't wait to see her potential
  7. Thank you both very much! Here are the PDN graphics I made today: Feel free to let me know what you think.
  8. Here are two new ones I made this evening:
  9. Here's a new one I just made for yet another friend:
  10. Hello all- I'm Niccole and I'm new here obviously... I've read through all the rules and don't really need much help when it comes to Paint.NET's functions. I would love some contructive criticism over here though. I've just recently converted from JASC PaintShop, in fact, it was only yesterday... But I have already fallen in love with Paint and have created better looking and more professional images than I ever did with PSP. I generally make banners and custom name siggy's, but once in a while venture off into a wallpaper among other items. Here is some of my Paint.NET work and I hope you enjoy it. I made this siggy for myself just this morning: I made this siggy for a friend this morning: And I also made this siggy for another friend this morning (definantly not my favorite): I love this banner. I made this for yet another friend just last night, and unexpectidly got paid on it today. I didn't ask her for a dime, but she said it was absolutely perfect: Anyways, I'll be adding more as I come up with them. Please feel free to let me know what you think, good or bad. I'd like to reach my full potential and cannot do so without other artist's thoughts- so thank you for viewing and I hope you come back soon.
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