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  1. A quick something I made using mainly C4D's. It's not entirely finished but I need some comments on how to make it better. CnC please.
  2. pippi could you please tell me how you make those kind of smudges backgrounds? Or maybe make a tutorial on it please?
  3. Artur.

    new sig

    Could you tell me how you made just certain parts of the text glow? I have tried this effect but my whole phrase glows >.<
  4. Ronaldinho is at AC Milan now? Well that's a shocker. o.o Wonder if Ronaldo is still with Milan. Back on topic, I'd say to make the AC Milan logo more transparent and I don't like the avatar at all. Just a little too crowded. I've also been working on a new piece of work. I need suggestions on what to put on the right side 'cause I really can't seem to figure out what to put there. Here I put a slight yellow gradient on it.
  5. Hello everyone, this is my first post. o.o With help from Olli, I got some custom brushes and my made my first piece of art. Tell me how you like it, I need critisism. It's very simple/basic.