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  1. I've done this orb on my 4th attempt, following your tutorial exactly step by step. I'm happy with it but with the base orb wich could have been placed a bit more down. The tut is great to learn about layers (although I'm still a bit blured on my trigonometrie vision) but as I'm complete new to paint.net or any drawing program for all that matters I'm finding a bit difficult to adjust the center image in order to get a clear one, this is, providing I can find a transparent background one. Could someone share some light on how to do this?
  2. Thanks. As I'm new at this your detais where crucial. There's still hope for me, one of this days I will be able to master any program with a few clicks but for the time being m'still wishing them(the programs) to understand me... if you know what I mean. Thxs, I'll be back...
  3. Not exactly no, I mean something more like this: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2492 But your sig is ok and pipp92, no I don´t have a picture but would be enough a rounded rectangle 400x100 saying "QUANDO TERMINARES SEEDA". It's portuguese! Like the Utter lunacy touch and apologyse. Done!
  4. 1º Assume I know nothing, which is true. 2º As a result of nr. 1 I'll tell you exactly what I need: Want to put together a warning sign - more like an advise sign so I want it to be catchy but not intimidating. I figured something like: A rectangle with writtings on it. The background color will be fading in and fading out from blue to white (I know, I know but if you just teache me the fading and how to mount up the two images I'll mixe everything up with a gifprogram). The words will be fading in and fading out from blue to white (fading in blue- fading out blue/fading in white - fading o
  5. Here's my attempts: This is also me trying to take it out the red rounder rectangle!!! I know nothing of image programs. Anybody can help me with the last steps? P.S. I also would like to know how to make the litle white reflexion that the original picture has and I figure it's essencial to achieve glass effect? Is it before a Gaussian Blur? Do it on a new layer or what? Treat me like the dummest < no swearing > on earth, don't spare me as I had to do it twice just to figure I had to press enter after using the move cut pixels tool...
  6. Thanks, I'll give it a go and come back for more or to show results. C U
  7. Hello, I'm portuguese and bargin'in! Plus point logging in doesn't make you write everything all-over again when you make a mistake. I'm usual at movies sites and sigs are common. I've done this one with Snagit 8...but I'm fascinated with mixing real with fabricated, cutting, transparencies, etc and would like to know how do I take a person or a truck out of a picture and work with it. Bit new on Paint (and just about everything else), like it because is free, seems powerfull and complete and works with the basics of the machine (paint) so I'm allways good. Could anyone patient, simple
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