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  1. Another building made its royal sacrifice instead.
  2. ragingsuns


    ...I have no idea if this is shouting in another form. And I don't like to say this, but I will: You, sir, are a tool. That other thread of yours was LOCKED for a reason. It shall STAY that way. I'm no mod/admin. But I can tell you, this thread WILL get locked/deleted, and possibly your account banned. That image of yours was not exactly helpful. It's something anyone can make. Besides, I quote the forum rules, noobs should be READING tutorials, not writing them. And I'm going to apply this to your "texture". It was hardly a texture anyway.
  3. ...we're deviating... ...leave that to another thread. Granted. Chops you up when it's done. I wish...
  4. That, or you may have forgotten about the white background layer that comes default with all new documents. XD
  5. You aren't making any sense. English please. He said, "Thank you for the help". But I agree with Rick; it took me a while to figure out what that said, too. Stop speaking Elmer Fudd, or whatever.
  6. ...sick enough to see the doc. Yet. I'm bringing...
  7. Believe - Nami Tamaki Yes, I love my dose of Jap songs.
  8. ...your foot is stuck to your sock. (?) I have a shotgun, and...
  9. Er, you said the .zip "box" is blue, and not red. I don't exactly get what you mean. Firstly, what OS are you using? Also, what did you try to use, in order to extract the files?
  10. What I think is, you should change it whatever way you want to. This is your sig, and yours only. I think this is a good job. Keep it the way it is!
  11. Uh, sorry, but I'm getting the impression this is exactly the same as the tool that comes with PDN v3.36, which is the most current one.
  12. Mm, very useful. It's certainly a lot softer than when you use the Colour Replacement tool. Good job!
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