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  1. Out of curiosity - how big are they and how long did a model take to print ?
  2. I don't think dpy has a blur plugin ? Could be wrong. There's also Jesse Chunn's Soften Edges
  3. Hey Drew' Unfortunately it only generates a link to the full size image ... the last thing I need is EER kicking my < no swearing > for posting big images
  4. I knew it was something relating to Red Dwarf ... the garbled mess you quoted ... I think I'll have to stay away when opiates have kicked in 🙄
  5. Back on topic ... I was thinking of using Google Photos as a hosting site (unlikely to start charging ?) ... but as far as I can tell you can't generate thumbnail links 🙄 Shame, because I like the layout It's amazing how prices vary. I pay £25 a month for my wife's 6S+ ... admittedly only 10Gb of data but she piggybacks and a lot of it rolls over Pricing is something I can't get my head around. My kids have just upgraded to the S10 + ... it would cost £170 for both from the actual service provider but I pay £84 a month for both from a third party site. With £480 cashback after 2 years. Same network. I don't get it It wasn't always like that. I was stupidly loyal to BT for Broadband for years ... too stupidly loyal to save £600 a year 😫 Worst thing is, there's no down time with Sky ... where there was with BT ... exactly the same exchange and cables ???
  6. @dipstick ... phenomenal compilation. Love the details and the textures. Also prefer the skull not yacking 😉 @Ego Eram Reputo ... woah. That's cooler than cool. Creepy but awesome. Dark alley and meeting etc The secret is statins . Eat what you want and levels stay healthy 😉 Totally uninteresting fact but research seems to be showing vegetarians are more at risk of stroke than carnivores
  7. You can't remove them as such, or make them go in the tool bar ... but you can toggle them on/ off using F5 - F6 - F7 - F8 EER has a name for it but or the life of can't remember what it is ...
  8. Robbing bar stewards. They want $6.99 a month off me. 10% reduction for taking out an annual plan. I'll give it a swerve and hope postimage survives for a while. IT costs are getting ridiculous. Mobile phones x 3/ Spotify/ Netflix / Broadband & Satellite TV package/ BT Sports ... I'd be £2000 a year better off without Technology Maybe the wrong place to ask (I'll delete if you want T_ H) ... but what do people around the world pay for Broadband ? I pay £44 a month for Sky TV which includes Satellite telly, Fibre Unlimited Broadband and includes £18 line rental and VAT
  9. Another option is to add something other than an ellipse to show his achievements ... for example World Cup winning teams have stars on their shirts to show how many times they've won it ... poorly placed stars but ... It could be rosettes. ?
  10. Apologies guys ... I somehow missed this ... I feel bad after being the one bitchin' Nice job. Thanks
  11. I enjoy playing with this plugin ... a typical layman question ... how difficult would adding an offset function be ? I think that would add an interesting option for patterns ?
  12. 10 hours later and I've finally got that
  13. Pixey's may be the quickest way. If you want to do it a few times though, you can automate it using BoltBait's Fill From' plugins Fill From Clipboard ... there's also a Fill From File
  14. I'll do that. Thanks for the tip I've just been listening to / watching Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers. Might not be totally authentic (?) but I could go for 2 hours of that. They're in my local Arts Centre November 14th. I always like to try new experiences. Japan is one country I'll always regret not being able to go to. The culture. The people. The countryside. Edit. Booked. The wife is either going love you or curse you 😉
  15. I miss the days when I didn't just listen to music but was in an environment where you could feel it pumping through you
  16. Thanks @JulioCoolio ... the red one was a complete surprise to me and I loved it instantly. It was a great shot to work with 🤣 My wife isn't too impressed when she opens the fridge and finds seeds and compost having some stratification because there's been a no show. I'm lucky that I don't lose too much to our wonderful wet weather over winter. Plenty of drainage and good quality fleece gets most through the winter. Losses ... a great reason to go on a plant hunt. I thought of you yesterday. I saw a wicker chair, and the seating part was a mat of different sempervivums and aeoniums. Wow it looked good
  17. The brightness and hope of Emergence is very soothing, the colours go so well together and I like the darkness of Death's Flower. The black with the dark red really convey a sobering image. It's all about personal taste but I think Additive gives too much glare ? Screen with an opacity of about 150 lightens but doesn't blind. Not that I personally, would change it in any way 'cos it works
  18. It add a really interesting look to it. I can't blame you for being all piston'ed out ... you've put a lot of time, which shows in the results. According to the wife I'm hard to please, but am 100% impressed with your renderings. Looking forward to the skull ... the video I saw, it's brilliant result. Sculpting is an art in itself, I've got Sculptris and it remains largely unopened. Not my forte, but I'm sure you'll rock it
  19. I don't know if I should be ashamed or not for liking this sooo much
  20. Damn. Kicking myself. I'll fold. My poker face is only marginally better than Lady Gaga's ... That's on my favourite album out of her collab's with Joe Bonamassa. Was it £'s or NZ $'s ?
  21. Congratulations to all, as said previously - a very impressive job. Shame there had to be a winner as such. And a 'loser' as I was mightily impressed with @lynxster4's. There was something about the angle/ pattern and the glass that drew me in. Very Audrey Hepburn