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  1. ***Clickable*** ***Clickable *** ***Clickable *** Abstracts Factories Jewellery Landscapes Photo Manipulations Realistic(ish) Sharp Edges Text Tutorials: Beginners Utilising Blend Modes & Layers Photo Manipulations Digitally Painted Look Bokeh Effect Creations Jet Turbine Chrome Effect Chain Links Make a Helmet Smartphone Basics Wooden Crate Text Roughcast Metal Trail PlugIn 3D Text SpiderMan Text Porcelain & Neon Text Glossy Metallic Text Textures Textured Wood Quick Bubbles in Water Glossy Folder Icon Another Brick In The Wall Engraved/Embossed Pitted Metal Bevelled Metal Rings Quick Step Wood Wood with Realistic Grain Simple Glossy Rings/ Torus
  2. welshblue

    ~ WelshBlue ~ Transhumanism ~ 17/01/2019

    ... I think it's because you've got to think a bit more ? Thanks a lot mate - they were a bit of trial and tribulation @Rickhum ... thanks a lot blue ... particularly happy with the 2nd one. Hopefully you'll find the tuts easy ... @ScrapbookWithPDN ... 25% a graphic artist ... or at least 25% of my annual income is made up of works I sell ... Thanks. glad you enjoyed my works @Seerose @Pixey @lynxster4... many thanks ladies. For the comments and your unwavering supports for my work over all this time @Maximilian ... many thanks mate. They were enjoyable to make and a test because beauty is always in the eye of the beholder also thanks to @MJW for the rep point I was asked to make a tut' but honestly it would be far too long winded, and it's best to follow the original and just play with blend modes and alpha masking ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been nearly 3 months since creating anything meaningful ... Now the body isn't behaving as it should and not being as mobile/dexterous as I was; the thought of being able to fuse with computers is becoming more appealing ... Transhumanism
  3. welshblue

    Coloring within a Boundary

    I don't know if this website is any good for you https://mapchart.net/usa-counties.html
  4. welshblue

    Coloring within a Boundary

    The checkered background is just denoting transparency around your original image ... and if it's just the outline of the US use it If not, It sounds like you need to find an image just of the US (preferably with a transparent background) and stretch/shrink it to cover your map, Once happy with it's orientation select outside it with the magic wand, Ctrl + I to invert the selection, Add a new layer and use the colour of your choice with the paintbucket ... but I could be reading it all wrong
  5. Nothing to add really because it's like everyone says ... dents ... but if it came from a plugin then it's Dents Classic by Ed Harvey Plugin Index <<< you can find his plugins here
  6. welshblue

    How to "posterize"?

    You could also play with Color Flip/Rotate. You may have to use 2 layers and a soft eraser to achieve it but I've had favourable results in the past for similar images
  7. welshblue

    Seerose's Gallery -Mandala-Part Two- 2019

    I'd love a walk around your garden ... great shots of the Papaver, Myosotis etc ... soon be time to sow seed. I'm trying 16 flowers I've never grown before, this year. You've really got to grips with the mandala plugin ... will be back with a rep point
  8. welshblue

    Trevor's Gallery - NEW! "The Call"

    2 great new works. It's surprising how many think it's easy to blend a few images ... from experience I know it's not. Not if you want to tell a story and capture the viewer and their mind. Great choice of background colour on The Call
  9. welshblue

    Storm / Vortex Tutorial (recreated)

    Thanks @Roger the Dodger ... but I don't think that one will cut it ... I meant in the tutorial 😁 Tax Return or Vortex tutorial again ? With creativity I guess they're both the same ... White Dahlia
  10. welshblue

    Storm / Vortex Tutorial (recreated)

    I like a tutorial that inspires you to click, click ... repeat until you're confused ... ... could be a T-shirt design in here
  11. welshblue

    SOTW#197 - Cartoon Character

    Edit: Spiderman render from KissPNG
  12. welshblue

    What music are you listening to?

    without mentioning the Stray Cats. True. I should have said 'modern' Rockabilly ... I'm guilty of having Stray Cats vinyl ... have there been quiffs like that since
  13. welshblue

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    Shame. The competitions are the only muse I'm having lately ... that said, totally understandable why you're doing it
  14. @Rick Brewster I think @Roger the Dodger may be referring to PS's Magnetic Lasso Tool when it snaps to the nearest border with the ability to put anchor points 52 (soon) and unbelievably excited about the options that brushes/ change to eraser will bring. Game changer
  15. welshblue

    OotF#33 - Gingerbread Cookie - WINNERS.

    Great entries from everyone ... really captured the textures etc. Congratulations to one and all
  16. welshblue

    What music are you listening to?

    Thanks for that. My Spotify account has just grown a few albums. My wife isn't too keen on the Loudness ... I think she's saying, "I bought you those wireless headphones for a reason ..." But I can't hear her 😂 (One of life's regrets is not exploring rural Japan before the body broke down) I'm not too much into Rockabilly apart from Relax Trio... and Jane Rose - she's a fantastic talent
  17. welshblue

    automatic replacement of colours

    Solidarity Yves 👊 I'm sure it was an oversight ... if not you're on your own. 😁😐 I've learnt the hard way ... hell hath no fury ... Is it a photograph you want to change the colours on ?
  18. welshblue

    Pixey's Gallery ~ Glassy Pendant ~

    Great new addition to your jewelry portfolio ... I like how it's not too 'blingy' ... understated but pretty It may sound strange but Munch's The Scream comes to mind. The wife's right ... I'm weird 😐
  19. welshblue

    Seerose's Gallery -Mandala-Part Two- 2019

    Vibrant and great captures. Really nice work. The favourite would be the Lily one ... I just want to reach in and unfold them (that's not the dreaded lily beetle on them is it ?)
  20. welshblue

    Rick Hum's Gallery

    Glad to hear it ... absolute pish ... along with Castlemaine XXXX Liking the buildings. Getting the real sense of an Aussie street (... weirdly had a flashback to watching Sons and Daughters 🤔) I like how you've done the siding and corrugated roof ... very authentic texures - as is the granite wall and nice lil' touches with the post holders ... and the frog 😁
  21. welshblue

    Coloring within a Boundary

    You could use the Magic Wand Tool. Play with the Tolerance setting, select an area on your map ... once it's selected, either add your colour with the bucket tool on a New Layer or on the map itself
  22. welshblue

    What music are you listening to?

    I've never listened to Japanese rock before but you've introduced to something good. (plus they're all very cute ...) ... meant to say check out their Jolene cover. Awesome in it's rawness
  23. welshblue

    The Comedy Thread

    Dignitas. The once in a lifetime trip
  24. welshblue

    2018 Paint.NET Forum Awards Ballot

    I was guilty of not voting. Submitted now if it's not too late ? My excuse is I've been struggling to get over the flu (the real stuff not man flu) and Bronchitis They haven't killed me yet so I think I'll survive ...