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  1. Nah with the Height Field to Normal Map ... same thing though. I just find it 'gentler' I didn't think it was right. Hopefully Trevor's link will help you get where you want to be THIS is interesting reading
  2. Apologies @H1mself1to for the late reply Is this the result you want ?
  3. @AspiringArtist ... I think you're missing the point of the forum ... no'ones 'best' here because we should all help one another. I 99.9% doubt anyone else thinks otherwise; but if they do ... good luck to them In my life I only think I'm better than people who commit crimes against children, women and the elderly. On this board the only person I'm in competition with is myself ... to try and make the next image just as good if not better than my last. In short ... just to be better than myself. To think otherwise would be dis-respectful. To my values and to other members. I'm just lucky in that I know what I'm doing in the styles I want to do my art. No being better than anyone else about that. It's the parts of Paint.Net that lends itself to me and what I want to achieve. Most of the time I thought I mentioned in PM that whilst it's nice to receive favourable comments ... anything else about anything else; isn't wanted or welcome here in my lil' space
  4. Arthurian All paint.Net. Red's Fur Blur Sea and Oma's Sword Tutorials
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the Paint.Net team here. A big thanks to all you who have supported my work and tutorials this year. You guys really do rock. Big thanks to the plugin authors for all the toys ... old and new ... and @Rick Brewster for all the development. Us artists here are nothing without you peoples. Thanks to @Ego Eram Reputo for being a sounding board ... just venting helps mate ... and @BoltBait ... who's jokes and music always raises my day. Let's spare a thought for @Woodsy's family as we celebrate ... they go into their first Christmas without him. Happy New Year and may only the good things visit you in 2020
  6. That time of year again. Uncensored version. If you're offended by words that rhyme with cut and maggot ... please don't listen
  7. Happy Birthday Alyce ... may it be one of great happiness 🎂
  8. I went to a party last night, and when I fell asleep someone put a teabag in my mouth. When I woke up I went berserk. No-one treats me like a mug
  9. A much under-rated band IMO if you consider they supported The Rolling Stones, U2 and Oasis
  10. @Pixey ... extremely clever thinking outside of the box. It's got Santa more ways than one. Love that Funny enough, that's what the cops said ... once they made me put the nightshirt back on 😕 Madness = Freedom
  11. No need for you to apologise 😉 I need to ... because I'm a freaking moron ... I've been changing the wrong link; because ... well, I don't know why
  12. http://www.mediafire.com/file/u51ca31d9zq3p1a/Creases_NotePad.pdf/file I'll try copying a link from FireFox and not Chrome to see if that works It must be... but why. Hopefully that link will work Both links showing this for me
  13. Thanks Lynxster' ... me too ... out of all the things I 'do' - text effects are the most satisfying for me. The satisfaction of experiments turning out good All thanks to Rick and all the plugin authors tho' @HyReZ ... TBH if I'd have read your post properly, it would have saved a few minutes
  14. I'm going to bounce my head through the monitor 😆 Thanks for heads up Pixey ... I've copied a new link again and checked my end that it's OK, but ... is it, isn't it ... I dunno anymore I personally used to produce about 5 timber loads a week just to go and make paper ... I wish I was back there 😂
  15. @H1mself1to ... I'm getting the 403 Forbidden page on the first link ... and helping if we can is never a bother 😉
  16. A couple of steps before running Modulo (Splinter/ Texture Shader) but then running it made this initial text, before putting my own spin on it
  17. I'm not sure what happened with the PDF ... it was opening the right one for me. It's updated now anyways. As for the problem ... again strange. If you're cutting the corner of the page, pasting it in a New Layer, De-Selecting - then it should Flip Horizontally like tut' example ?
  18. Adapted This ... if it doesn't count, give me a shout
  19. There's plenty of time. It's good theme.
  20. My apologies @Seerose ... I forgot to say to De-Select (Ctrl +D) the newly pasted layer, before Flipping Horizontal Amended in the original, will update the PDF
  21. Updated with PDF's. I split it into 2 PDF's. One for the Page itself. One for the added crease I also kept the PDF of the original ... seems totally disrespectful to get rid when @Woodsy gave his time to do it
  22. Happy Birthday @xod ... have a good one 🎂
  23. Hey @Scooter ... good to see you back mate. I've always thought it was a certain type of person who 'got me' ... usually those who live in rooms with rubber walls and wear clothes that buckle up at the back 😜 My family's reaction is usually ... Wife " You're twisted" Son " You're weird" Daughter " You really are a wrong 'un" Back on topic - I am really struggling to make a decent Father Christmas
  24. It definitely helps to speed things up on a few techniques. (post image is down so I can't post a result) Possibly tell people where to find it ? I checked all sub menus before looking at the source code and realising it was in Adjustments