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  1. Congratulations to everyone. Placed or not. Amazing what Paint.net does in the right hands with you all. A great advert for the programme and if Rick ever pops in for a look I hope he's suitably proud of what his hard work helps us all achieve Thanks @Pixey ... text king ? I piggy back on the great plugins available ... @BoltBait and @MJW help me get there with text Thanks for hosting @lynxster4
  2. ... all jokes about my wife are tongue in cheek. She bests me every time. In each and every way 7 hours after the event I'm still scratching my head how I went from wallpapering behind the cooker ... to agreeing to a new dining set, a new cooker hood and handles for the cupboards. Jedi mind tricks ...
  3. #NoFunMondays ... Green Day fans have a search on YouTube for the lockdown videos
  4. Agree on all 3 counts there. Controversial maybe ... but I prefer this to The Clash's version ...
  5. Genius. I love this. I did have a crash, but for some reason it's not showing in the crash log folder. I entered a formula which was wrong, then pressed Ctrl + F after the plugin closed = crash Repro'ed the crash
  6. Sorry Pixey ... but hard to get goosebumps for a man who sang for Donald Trump ...
  7. Hard to think ... all I can see is a beautiful car destroyed 🤔😋 ( In grey gloss = car porn ... ) Anyways, you could try looking for a tiger/ zebra or even a camo' texture that's drawn using straight lines,, and then change colours accordingly Unsure of the right search reference to use. Or is there a plugin that I can't think of, that will straighten out the edges of above said textures ?
  8. Does this mean I can ignore the messages on my profile page ? If so, I'm glad you worked it out ... if not please keep questions here ... it's better for future queries on the same subject
  9. The '80's ... corny as hell in a lot of ways but a time to be coming of age. When my time comes I'll be glad I lived through it ...
  10. 15 odd years old but just binge watched 4 seasons of Everybody Hates Chris ... absolutely the funniest thing I've watched in ages.
  11. Kids can surprise you. Not expecting even a card from my son I was most touched to get the first three albums by ... the old ones having been used as frisbees by my psycho' ex 30 years ago
  12. For cleaner edges you could use the Rectangle Select tool and delete on your key board. Either in steps or use the Add Union function then delete. Duplicate the F (personal choice) and then use one of the Outline plugins on the lower one. If you want a transparent background uncheck/ delete any solid background and save as a .png. Most word cloud programmes I've used give the option to save as a transparent .png so surprised you've saved as a jpeg
  13. Yep great to see @nitenurse79 here, safe and well. on a positive side note of Covid' ... I bought a new car a week before we battened down the hatches and I haven't had to fill her up once in 3 months. Talk about great fuel economy 👍
  14. Nice. Very nice. I can't decide if it's foreboding or full of hope with the satellite heading towards the light. Stunning once again no matter which way I see it. Love the space dust texture
  15. Oh yeah ... I love that. A paradox of ethereal and tangible. One of those images to look at and see different things depending on the mood. Beautiful
  16. +1 for Sinead O'Connor ... I must admit I've never gotten the hype over The Beatles As a CFC Blue for 46 years I'm totally gutted we're responsible for them winning it last night ... I was hoping the season was going to null and void 🤣