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  1. What i mean is this. I fixed Paint.NET So i can open it AGAIN and then i open it and almost all the plugins i've installed are not there.They are in my effects folder still but not working on paint.net
  2. Hello, I've just recently fixed a problem.What i did was i ran the program in the folder paint.net and i ran the program named Pdn Repair. I ran it and it fixed Pdn so i could open it up without running a error report and not letting it open. So i open it.And now i sell pratically all of my plugins have been uninstalled from paint.net when they all are still in the effect folder! Anyway i can get them back?
  3. Hello All, I am future sig maker and joined the forums not to long ago but i've been using paint.net for a while. Now lets get to the problem:When i try to open Paint.NET It waits a second and then a error report opens.I press send report and it still does not work after.I try not sending it but it still doesn't work. Any help here? ANYONE???
  4. Uh i think lol Well i mean like i have a blank sig and i wana put a picture in it...
  5. No not how i post a signature..... HOW DO i insert a picture in my signature when im using paint.net....
  6. Well im trying to install a plug in called the border plug in.I put it the ddl file in the the Effects file close it.Open up paint.net but it doesn't appear/ Please help And if im doing it wrong please post a tutorial with pictures
  7. For your concern,I did search and found nothing Thank you very much.
  8. Very very nice tut .This was pretty simple and a very cool affect Heres what i got with your picture:
  9. I accidentally closed the color tabs in paint.net and the history tab and I'm wondering how to get back in to them .
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