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  1. what I suggest is workaround only get photofiltre 6.5.3 - it is old, no longer developed, but free photo editor and it has some awesome functions. To test it, download the portable zipped version - use plugin that other app to open photofiltre with it - make rectangle selection (any size) , right click on the selected area, a menu appears - go to manual setting and enter dimensions, okay it - right click again and click on first option in the menu and chose color of border and okay it. The selection changes to rectangle (sorry if my description of photof
  2. any chance for 3.5x version? czech translation 3.35 works for 3.5.4 except the utilities menu and the button plugin does not work with czech version (necessary to switch to english)
  3. for this one I used: 1. median 2 / 40 2. plugin posterize - about 19 (not sure now)
  4. good examples, thanks this was not to say Paint.NET is bad, it was just an attempt to make it convenient for people who are used to use Neat image
  5. so I tried http://www.neatimage.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1935
  6. Hi, I am new here and I am still discovering paint.NET features. For noise reduction, I have found only the basic tools (may be I missed some plugins, correct me, please). There is specialized program - Neat image - which can be integrated as plugin (in photoshop, xnview, irfanview ...) and it can be downloaded and used for free in "demo" version. List of features and integrations is here: http://www.neatimage.com/featuremap.html Any chance to get this as a plugin to paint.NET?
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