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  1. k, here's the situation........and pls. feel free to point me to a tutorial, 'cause i've searched and nothing. I'm looking for a way to brand or put my mark or name on my pictures, maybe even do 'em all at once using Paintdotnet. any suggestions will be appreciated. btw, thanks to everyone w/ tutorials, keeps me from having to post all the time.
  2. . Select all of the area of the image that you want to stay color 5. Copy that area and paste it into a new layer called color layer :AddNewLayer: 6. next Deselect the selection with ctrl+D :Deselect: 7. now choose the background layer :Layers: 8. Then Goto Adjustments and click black and white 9. You will now notice only the color layer has color(obvious) 10. Now merge the two layers. :MergeDown: 11. I usually use the curves tool and edit the luminosity after mergeing the images to make the image seem more realistic. I usually also add glow to add vibrance to the image. :Curves: 12. You should be done and should have a result like mine these steps are a mystery........... i go to add a layer and nothing shows up, HELP
  3. cool i'll read the tutorials, i really appreciate it..........wht i'm trying to achieve is this. I have a full color pic right, and i'm trying to make certain parts full color and the rest in black and white can u help, pls.
  4. Hey paint.net forum........ I need help, i've never really used any photo editing software, anyone know, where i can find info on how to use the paint.net software, thanks in advance. any info. is greatly appreciated
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