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  1. Some one else told me how to get it back already. Case solved.
  2. 6.9/10 Kinda bland. Not that great, could be better.
  3. I gather you mean uninstalled - ie you didn't delete the folder? No, I deleted the folder. I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna get Paint.net back unless I reformat my computer or get a new one. And neither of those is going to happen soon. I guess I'm stuck with "The Gimp."
  4. Ok, I deleted all things Paint.net. I'm going to try to redownload it.
  5. Could be better... Put in a backround or something... 6.8/10
  6. Ok, I messed up, the only version of Paint in the Control Panel is 3.30, not 3.0. So there is no history, (I guess) of the older vesion.
  7. Okay, in exact words it says: Another version of the product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product. Use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel. Which you know I've al ready tried, and it does not work.
  8. I can't find Paint.net 3.0. Just 3.30. I need a link to 3.0 or something.
  9. Yes, it was only saved on my desktop, then deleted. Should I put it back on and unistall it?
  10. Of Paint.net. The 3.0 version. Sorry for not being specific.
  11. Ok, I tried downloading it. Restarting the computer like it said, and I still can't unistall paint.net 3.0, which was just put in a zipped file, never actually installed because I can't get rid of it. I can download 3.3 if I get rid of 3.0, which I have said before.
  12. Ok, I tried downloading paint.net 3.3, but I had to unistall 3.0, which I can't do because it wouldn't download in the first place. If someone could tell me how to uninstall it, I think I can get Paint.net back.
  13. Ok, I got .net framework 2.0 on my desktop, then the download file for Paint.NET. I tried to download it and I got the fatal error message again!
  14. It is my website. I am The Creator of Pokemon Sinnoh Surfer.
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