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  1. That's not what I did. Read that rule carefully. That's an anti-hijacking rule. Your criticism would be valid if I had called my thread "Post all Feature Requests Here". I simply suggested consideration of a new forum which I've seen elsewhere, such as the Lux Forum http://sillysoft.net/forums/
  2. Given the number of posts for Feature Requests, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to start a separate forum. It seems like that would simplify the task of searching for them, especially when you guys are preparing software updates.
  3. I'm not easily impressed, but WOW! Once I got the hang of this beauty, I went nuts with the Magic Wand.
  4. Thanks, Lief. That is a truly excellent tip. With transparency at 100, any line I draw on the wrong layer is so dim, it alerts me immediately. And the dimmer template allows me to see my work more clearly while drawing.
  5. If you open an image from Windows using the "Open with . . ." option, and you tell Windows to use paint.net, it has a checkbox that says "Always use the selected program to open this type of file". If you don't unselect that checkbox, Windows will change the file association. If you're having the problem with only one file type, that's probably what you did. From the Windows Start menu, click Help & Support, and type "file types" in the Search box. Depending on your version of Windows, you should find an option "Change the program that opens a type of file", which will show you how to change it back.
  6. I was using an image as a template for a drawing. When I turned off visibility to check my work, the original image became the active layer, and remained that way when I restored visibility to my drawing. Of course, I restored my image with Undo, but I lost a lot of work. So, looking forward to Version 4.0+.
  7. I suggest adding a setting that allows a layer to be locked so it cannot be edited. This could be used to prevent accidental changes to original images or finished layers that need to be seen, but not touched.
  8. Perhaps the Line Tool could have an additional parameter on the menu bar, or the user could add handles on the fly by double clicking the active line. Also, styles need to include Parallel Lines, and a parameter to set the distance between them.
  9. Excellent tool. I had a complex image that I needed to surround with color so I could use it as a mask over another layer. But it leaked when I used the paintbucket, and color flooded the whole image. So I outlined it with the mask color, hit paintbucket again, and voila!! No leaks!
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