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  1. woops should of thought of that thanks for the fast response
  2. Just a quick question will Paint.NET run on .NET Framework version 2.0
  3. so many possibility's like this: or this:
  4. A tutorial would be awesome it really came out great also it would make a very nice sig
  5. :shock: wow :shock: thats really nice and FrEaK's one is um.. emotional
  6. I was bored so I drew a sword I actually like the way it came out
  7. Do half of your family use macs? yeah but if they got pcs they would still use safari.
  8. heres mine I added some stars and a mysterious blue light(i used the star field tut)
  9. Very nice tut thanks heres mine: and this:
  10. I would only vote for it because thats what half my family use
  11. Your right I'll redo them Edit: Done strange some of the text is different :?
  12. Only one vote for safari. That would have been my second choice
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