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  1. That's fantastic, Rick. Sounds like you're going to have your work cut out for you. Thanks for answering that.
  2. Forgive me for asking this, but how well does PhotoShop or other graphics software handle memory differently from PDN? I'm not complaining. It's my fault that my computer only has so much RAM, and it is due for an upgrade. I'm just curious. By the way, I love PDN. Probably the best piece of free software I "own".
  3. Sure, Rick. I understand that. I just wanted to know if that was an expected memory usage for that size of graphic. Looks like it is. Thanks for answering.
  4. I'm creating a banner for my band. The specs on the image that the printer would like are 100dpi jpeg at actual output size. So the banner is going to be 3' x 6'. What I did was create a new PDN at 100dpi, 72" by 36". Now granted, this is going to take up some memory. But here's where it gets interesting. The project consists of 2 layers, one of some pretty simple text, and another with a black background and an image. The PDN itself is about 15MB on disk. But the memory used by the PDN application while it is loaded is well over 1GB. Since I don't have an analogous program like Pho
  5. Very funny, David. I'll take it in the spirit in which you intended it...I think. By "elitism" what I meant was snobbery, and don't tell me you haven't seen that here. I've been lurking in this forum at least as long as you've been here.
  6. Exactly. I'm a musician and frequent some other guitar forums and am even mod/admin on some (not under this user name, though). In all of those forums, newbie participation is actively encouraged. We encourage them to post recordings of their work or their tone, and ask even the simplest of questions. Even if it isn't good...heck, ESPECIALLY if it isn't good, so we can help them get their tone or recording methods correct. We HELP them, not shut them down. Nobody criticizes them for making the attempt. And certainly nobody bans them or locks their thread because what they posted was too
  7. While it isn't perfect, there is a free online vectorization tool that works well for some image types: http://vectormagic.stanford.edu/
  8. Hey Ash, I agree with 90% of that sentiment. Lots of helpful people here, especially you. I've learned a lot just by reading your posts. But if this forum wasn't harsh to newbies (and I mean newbie in a gentle way...we're all newbies at something) then this thread wouldn't have been created. I'll shut up now. Because it's obvious some people here are way too close to the problem to see it clearly.
  9. Ash, Yes, I did see the next line. But "good" is highly subjective. Some of the tutorials posted by first time posters to the forum might not be considered "good" by the moderators, but they do illustrate concepts that, while seeming mundane to others, are actually useful to other noobs. And noobs are the whole reason that forums exist. I've seen plenty of decent first time tutorials locked by the mods after being chastised for not reading the rules. And I've seen plenty of tuts posted that got high praise even though the tut wasn't that great. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive, but
  10. Oh agreed. There is a wealth of information on this site. And it's the reason I've been reading it for over a year. But sometimes I just have to walk away because the bashing really gets to me. I frequent other forums where civility and respect is the norm, and trolls are the rare exception. There's no reason why this one can't be the same way. One of the reasons why I think that some noobs might be afraid to post is the way that noob questions are handled. They are shut down immediately, told to read the rules, and the thread is locked. Granted, many of the rules are common sense, but
  11. Well, if this rule is followed then I think it's a step in the right direction. I've lurked for a long time and avoided posting to this forum at all because of the way noobs are treated. Some of the people here on the board are downright nasty. It's no way to treat your fellow Paint.NET enthusiast. People that took the time to create tutorials or images that weren't quite up to what some people consider the standard are flamed and their work is harshly criticized. There are a small handful of more mature posters here that understand forum etiquette, and the younger audience needs to look
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