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  1. I also have a tutorial on a very neat fire creating tegnique with paint.NET, if anyone is interested: You can watch it on dA by clicking here sorry if this looks kinda spammy but i'm only trying to help. this effect looks nice, too anyways
  2. I think when I say carloving man stay children I'm a littlebit right? xD
  3. 8.5/10 stars I really like him! With the thunder and stuff, only where is the color of the thunder?? for the next one I didn't use ANY images in my sig. completely paint.net You can make fire like that with this tutorial.
  4. I asked helio how he did his sign, and he forgot. he said I need to find out my own. Now I did! Oh and I tried out some stuff: top of a trashcan: and a gaara-fan (which I'm NOT) sig:
  5. If I understand you right you want the text to have the negative color of the background? There are several ways to do that. example of one: 1. Add a new layer :AddNewLayer: 2. go to the layer properties :Properties: 3. set mode to difference. 4. click ok and type your text in the new layer we just made and you;ll see it negative from the rest. Other way to just have your text color different but still 1 color is to just go to your color screen and select a color that you want. I hope you can follow this
  6. Well I doodled something out (I like that word, doodling ) and I discovered some new way to start a quite realistic/dreamy fire in Paint.NET without even get stuck to the corners! If there is anyone that wants a tutorial for this, just ask and I'll do my best job to make an step by step image tut Heres what I got: This is also my sig I know xD
  7. well, I doodled with paint.NET and I discovered a way to create a fire in shapes not stuck to the corners.. If anyones inerested, I'm willing to make a tutorial outta it Preview below...
  8. Could you be more specific? If you mean what I think you mean is what the warp tool is.. Its like smudging your photographs with a brush.. It's used a lot these days for professional editing to make models bewbs and < no swearing > bigger and their belly smaller and their chin pointier and stuff like that. It's also used to mess up pictures or make them really funny like a big nose or a very tiny one I hope this is the answer you were looking for, and if not, just google x3
  9. Read the rules. In them is a link to the Popular Feature Requests thread. You will find enlightenment there. :-) Oh right XD Just saw it. Sorry for the useless comment everybody!
  10. It would make paint.net so much more proffesional, with just that little extra... Maybe also a little idea: adding a transparency- and a flowbar like adobe photoshop..
  11. lolz mine became much more grudged than fire XD
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