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  1. This is me! And the origin of my nickname!
  2. Try this, it is a 20 days free trial http://www.avlandesign.com/ Ciao, Thanks. I chose the Video professor, that's the correct one?
  3. Is there any free GIF makers that can take short videofiles and to make small clips?
  4. Hi Helio! And thanks for the welcome Yeah, that's ok, you can call me Larson! Oh, i see. But i'll most probably use the forum for troubleshoots, questions etc etc. I really don't like to bother someone via PM's, (Does that sound wierd to you) hehe, But was this the right forum to write a introductionmessage, and i'll take a look about avatars.
  5. Hello everyone! I have downloaded the lastest version of paint.net and i like it very much! I also downloaded a couple of plug ins and they are awesome! Lately i have become a fan of freeware photoeditingsoftware because i find them much easier to use then Adobe Photoshop, i tested a trial of it and it was way to advanced for me! The main reason for me using photoeditingsoftware is because i edit textures in some games on my PC, if you want to know more about it feel free to send me a PM. I'm from Norway, i'm a guy and i'm 19 years old! I hope i'll enjoy it here! And btw, how can i get an avatar? Mads
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