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  1. I loggged unto your gen discussion thread tonight and ended up being ask by Rick not to use your thread in such a manner....i later explained to my husband what had happen...he in turn explained to me what i did....and now...well....i feel so bad....so stupid....i didnt mean to break your thread.....im so sorry...im signing off the forum now.....goodbye...again; im so sorry
  2. Hi Myrddin; first i must say that i started on the wrong end (page 1) of this forum; so i guess i go back and get up to speed with everyone...as far as final goes; he ask is that 'free final'...time for dinner; got to go....bye
  3. MY,my; you (TheVoid) respond faster than i can type...I'll give it a try after dinner....at any rate; thankyou, thankyou, thankyou...bye
  4. I showed my husband one of his two most loved words (free and beta) and off he went..only to come back empty-handed; you must own CS2 to get CS3 beta...he did ask me to ask you one question.....why do the big guns need truck loads of memory to do the same thing that PDN does with a handfull....bye
  5. That is a better (faster) way to go, so i say 'thankyou,thankyou, thankyou MadJik; however in my dreams it would work more like a true old time magnifier being able to look at the big picture at the same time...bye
  6. I like looking for pictures within pictures. In the past i have achieved this by opening another window or plugin. Yes i can zoom and scroll, but this is slow. I have search the forums (nice job on your search engine Rick), but not finding anything. Can anyone help? Im just loving PDN and my other editors are getting closer and closer to my recycle bin....bye
  7. I would like to make two changes to my PDN...first I dislike the way filiters/effects always pop in the middle of the screen: why not a corner? Also the size: too big for my taste...i love the floating bars...my husband (electronic tech) says changing this would be a major undertaking... however i might be able to make my plugins do this and has agreed to help; but i will have to do my own homework...so here i am...can anyone point me in the right direction (thread)??? thankyou...
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