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  1. cause all of my tutorials that i have posted people say that they are stupid and useless.
  2. Simple things, just thought if you guys know about. Stupid question. This is a glow I found hey is this tutorial? its like the sims carpet texture. Four leaf polor (punned)!
  3. LMAO!!!! I was making my brother have a fireball for a hand. But something went horibly wrong! He got really angry....
  4. one one likes my devil's cross? it looks like its painted on black tile in the bathroom tub and they have red lights and filled the tub up.
  5. i do have firefox... Lol so thats waht the red means! oh yah. Then why not just make a sticky post then have people post the download to there plugin? Then have the main post filled with the links.
  6. Well then. Lets go gather permisstion slips! Why not make a site where you can enter your plugins into it for publishing of personal use. Then have a code on that so that if it is moved or used by any other user without the copyright information. Have a crack on it so that we can trace down and legaly suw them.
  7. isn't it said that if it is public on this site anyone can use it. You just can't take credit for it. So why not create a package with all the plugins we could find. Then name them. Them give credit. Then when more plugins come in. Make a nother zip with those pagages.
  8. I did post pictures! i posted a format. I couldn't have you donwload it. screenies don't work. http://www.ellectro-trash.net/ origalnal site.
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