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  1. if u could help i would be thankful i made the folds using dodge and burn
  2. [15] David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) [75] Jimi Hendrix (solo artist) [10] Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
  3. im trying what u suggested and nothing is working lol so im gunna download gimp now
  4. no what i mean is the ability to draw with a tool called dodge and burn kind of like gimp and photoshop
  5. does paint.net have this feature or does someone have a good plugin cause i really need this and so does everyone its a really good tool
  6. ~MAde using some plugins cant remember all of em but i used like 3 in here shape 3d and 2 others
  7. what i need to know is how did u make those effects i really am not that good i can just make ur basic stuff as of now but i need to find out how to do that seriously like how did u make that airbrush effect and how did u use the gradients i would like to know that plz
  8. um chea that is just about it Yea can u teach me how to do somehting like that in a small tut
  9. Thats what i have its basically the shape of narutos jacket from naruto shippuden i just need it to look like somebody is wearing it u know so give it a try i need the folds like hard core ty for the help this is gunna be awesome if u can help me
  10. Thnkx ash illt ry that ur a good person and ur awesome at PDN also could u bother making a tiny tutorial as to doing it that would be the best thing ever like seriously helpful ty if u do if not w/e cause im confused as to how u got ur outcome on the other post
  11. um ok thnxs for the help how would u suggest adding noise and stuff to make that kind of texture?? also i cnat fidn the right kind of effect that i want while using it for certain parts any help????
  12. see the folds in that i need to learn how to draw those but not soo many u know
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